Hot water high-pressure cleaners:

Extremely efficient operation and absolutely environment friendly!

The Kranzle-therm hot water high-pressure cleaners combine a large number of technical innovations which provide highest performance, reliability, safety and operating convenience for daily use.

The adjustable burner capacity by way of temperature or performance percentage in accordance with specifications is one of the technical highlights of the Kranzle-therm series.

Visual flame monitoring, operating hours meter and comprehensive safety measures transform the Kranzle-therm into an absolutely dependable, environment friendly, clean and quiet products

Kranzle technology helps you save water and energy - at maximum efficiency!


Combustion chamber:

The new Kranzle designed combustion chamber is intended for professional operation while the outstanding degree of thermal efficiency warrants a reduced heating oil consumption and low emissions.

The boiler unit or combustion chamber is probably the best used on any make of mobile steam cleaner. Most on the market are formed out of a thin tin like material. Kranzle therm casings are machined out of 1/4" inch galvanized plate steel.

The flame chamber is within an inner cylinder ensuring that the flame does not directly touch the coil. This refinement eliminates sooting up - a common problem with other steam cleaners that leads to smokey exhaust, poor efficiency and higher servicing costs. Kranzle are renowned for low servcing costs and excellent efficiency.

The Kranzle coil has a huge surface area of over 22 square feet and because both the fuel and air are pre-heated, combustion of the fuel and the water heating process is extremely efficient. Therm's have been designed with simple maintenance taken into account. Every Therm machine is fitted with both an easy to clean fuel filter and a fuel pressure gauge.

Low fuel cut out is standard, as is pre-purge venting.


Adjustable burner performance:

The oil-heated Kranzle therm models are equipped with a digital thermostat (except for therm CA/C) which now allows for 2 modes of operation. Once the correct percentage is established, mode 2 has an advantage over mode 1 in that temperatures can be accurately kept at + or - 1°C. This can even be achieved with reduced water quantities and at low temperatures, ideal for example, when washing livestock. All the settings are saved in the thermostat's memory and are applied when the machine is next used.

Operation mode 1: Thermostat regulation
The target temperature in °C can be adjusted by pressing the buttons (+ -). The thermostat measures the water temperature at the heating coil outlet and causes the burner to either switch on or off in accordance with the operators settings. The outlet water temperature is displayed in °C.

Operation mode 2: Burner output
Press buttons (+ -) to adjust the amount of time the burner will operate as a percentage. The burner will be switched on and off in accordance with this value. The actual water temperature is measured at the heating coil outlet and displayed in °C. The temperature can be raised by increasing the percentage of the time that the burner is operating, or lowered by reducing the percentage.

Safety protection:

The new Kranzle developed safety package comprises several components which have been successfully tried and tested in other Kranzle machines a million times..

Pressure control valve:
For continuous control of water quantity and pressure and pressureless bypass operation.

Safety valve:
Protects machine against unallowed excessive pressure.


Flow monitor:

Switches off the oil burner in case of lack of water and thus prevents the heating chamber from overheating.

Two pressure switches:
The first controls the burner facility and ensures combustion only occurs when it should. The second pressure switch initiates the automatic stand-by mode, stopping the motor when the gun is closed for longer than 30 seconds.

Thermal overload switches:
Switches off the machine in case of excess power consumption.