Stationary high-pressure cleaners:

Professional stationary solutions in a sleek stainless-steel housing!

The stationary Kranzle made high-pressure cleaners offer a professional solution for every kind of application.

Wall mountable versions can be supplied with inlet water temperatures of up to 60°C, though have no heating capabilities of their own.

The electrically heated therm E-ST machines with their highly efficient electrical flow heaters are particularly suited for hot water requirements,
with zero waiting time for hot water and no exhaust emissions.

Kranzle technology helps you save water and energy - at maximum efficiency!


Housing made of stainless steel:

The housings of all stationary Kranzle machines are form-fit and made of high quality stainless steel with rounded edges. This also qualifies them for durable health related applications in the food industry or in an ammonia-loaded area (stables).


Stainless steel pressure gauge:

All professional Kranzle high-pressure cleaners are equipped with large stainless steel pressure gauges and facilitate first class control.

Coin checking device and remote control:

Some of the stationary solutions offer optional equipment with coin checking device and remote control for up to 4 cleaning programs.


Electrical flow heater:

The flow heaters of Kranzle electrically heated therms are distinguished by their low energy consumption and high heating capacity even during continuous operation. With the added benefit of no pre-heating time.

Temperature control and monitoring:

Kranzle electrically heated therms are equipped with a digital thermostat. The thermostat measures the water temperature at the outlet and causes the burner to operate in accordance with the operators settings. The actual water output temperature is displayed in °C. All settings are saved in the thermostat's memory and are applied when the machine is next switched on.

When both the °C and % buttons are held for more than 2 seconds, the operating hours of the pump and of the burner will be displayed one after the other which helps plan service intervals.