Cold water high-pressure cleaners:

Offering outstanding pump quality!

The core of every high-pressure cleaner is its high-pressure pump.
Only forged special brass is used for the pump heads to guarantee excellent quality and durability.

All pumps are made on CNC machining centres with electronic control systems to ensure maximum precision and compliance to specifications.
This technology package is complemented by a number of details which, in total, make the difference in performance, safety and durability.


Brass pump head:

The pump head is manufactured and forged by Kranzle in Germany from special brass and guarantees an extremely long service life.


Heavy duty induction motors:

Kranzle machines are equipped with (1,400 rpm) slow running, quiet and durable induction four-pole electric motors, except for a few models with 2,800 rpm induction motors. Lower speeds offer reduced starting current, less noise emission and less wear. Slower motor speeds are also much more effective when sucking/drawing static water

Stainless steel plungers with ceramic coating:

Expect considerably long service life of Kranzle plungers as they are machined from stainless steel (with excellent thermal conductivity properties), heat treated, during plasma temperatures and at high pressure a ceramic coating (with extremely low wearing characteristics) is applied. Finally re-worked and polished to give an ultra smooth, low friction surface which is permanent, won't chip, crack or wear out. View processing stages


Dry-run safety:

All Kranzle high-pressure cleaners are equipped with a fabric sleeve and a Teflon graphite backing ring on each plunger. The excellent lubricating properties of Teflon graphite serve to reduce both the friction and temperature inside the pump. For this reason, Kranzle pumps can be run without water for quite some period without suffering any damage = Dry-run safety protection.

Bypass operation:

All professional Kranzle high-pressure cleaners are designed to switch to pressure reduced bypass operation when the trigger gun with safety catch is closed. The water is circulated at a residual pressure of approx. 10 bar. Machines with the additional qualification TS (Total-Stop) completely switch off at this point offering significant prolongation of the service life but to energy savings as well.


Adjustable pressure and volume control:

The operating pressure and the amount of water being sprayed on all Kranzle professional machines can be adjusted to suit the cleaning task at hand.

Stainless steel manometer:

All professional high-pressure cleaners are equipped with large, clearly visible, glycerine dampened stainless steel gauges.


Corrosion protection:

All parts of the pump and safety devices that come into contact with water are made of stainless steel or special brass. Machine failure due to corrosion is impossible, and this is what makes the operating safety of all Kranzle high-pressure cleaners so unique.

Leakage return system:

A water cushion between the high-pressure seals on the plungers prevents any sucked in air from reaching the pump chamber. This considerably increases the service life of the plungers and pump.


Testing to high standards:

Kranzle machines are tested according to the
CE-scheme and the TUV/GS test procedures
and certified accordingly.