UK stocked professional products:

Perfect cleanliness in industry, commerce, trade, farming, hobby & car enthusiasts!

Kranzle UK exclusively demand that all our UK Kranzle products be even better than Kraenzle equipment supplied worldwide!

Only Kranzle UK machinery include these added benefits and upgrades :

> UK : 230 volt machines ALL supplied with our Soft-start / Easy-start!
> UK : 110 volt 50 Hz 16 Amp exclusive "K2100" available for site use!
> UK : "Compact therms" with hose-reel include upgraded 20m twin-wire hose!
> UK : moulded safety plugs!
> UK : Distributors, stock, accessories, parts and after-care, within the UK!

The Kranzle professional range of products is subdivided into seven performance categories, i.e. from high-pressure cleaners to industrial vacuum cleaners as well as hand-powered sweepers through to offering specific accessories for a wide range of applications.

Regardless of whether it is a matter of portable high-pressure cleaners, mobile machines, cold water or hot water high-pressure cleaners or stationary machines: the options are almost unlimited.

And for all our product lines the following motto applies: Better perfect than cheap!
Because we attach great importance to the best price/performance ratio, which is documented by the long years of use of our products designed for everyday situations.

Kranzle UK list only the series and model versions available from stock within the UK.
Our UK suppliers are happy to quote and supply all machinery from the full Kraenzle GmbH range ; though longer delivery times are expected.