Kranzle sets high standards in the tough cleaning industry:

Outstanding quality and technical perfection!

High-pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and hand power sweepers : that is the world of Kranzle. Founded in 1974 the Kranzle enterprise has developed into a worldwide quality leader of high-pressure cleaners along with a range of innovative cleaning solutions.

There is a good reason for this; because, from the start, Kranzle has attached great importance to the highest quality, for example: with regard to the selection of a forged special type of brass for high-pressure pumps and the ceramic coating of the pump plungers - top quality is the uncomprisingly clear brand standard.

Based on values such as quality, flexibility and innovation, we continuously focus on the further development of our company and product solutions and, in this context, exclusively rely on qualified specialized partners and agencies all over the United Kingdom.

Your Kranzle team wishes you much pleasure and success with our products!


"Better Perfect... than cheap!"

Now that's Kranzle - outstanding quality with perfection to detail.
Successfully established for not being the cheapest but the best!

Kranzle UK exclusively demand that all our UK Kranzle products be even better than Kraenzle equipment supplied worldwide!

Only Kranzle UK machinery include these added benefits and upgrades :

> UK : 230 volt machines ALL supplied with our Soft-start / Easy-start!
> UK : "Compact therms" with hose-reel include upgraded 20m twin-wire hose!
> UK : moulded safety plugs!
> UK : Distributors, stock, accessories, parts and after-care, within the UK!

Over 40 years of manufacturing to the highest standards.. 
    and with continued development to providing you with only the best! 
    Kranzle are not the 'best known brand' - though recognised as the 'best brand' of high-pressure cleaners available!